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Our Story

It started the way most adventures start. With a spark of curiosity and a beer in the hand. And so it was for us, Old Wives Ales founders Nathan Keatch, Mattias Isaksson, Justin Spicer and Shannon Brooks.

While appreciating a good beer, we had each gazed lovingly at the amber hues and wondered ‘how do we make this stuff’?’

Starting out as home-brewers, we commandeered soup pots for kit brews and watched on as plastic tubs of murky liquid burped and bubbled in our sheds. It was yellow, it was fizzy, but it wasn’t good. Not in the beginning. But we were learning. We have each earned a first rate home-brewing education in exploding bottles, dead yeast and beer that tasted more like cardboard than malt, taking heart from the fact that slowly but surely, the beer was getting better.

We replaced the soup pots with stainless steel German systems and started entering competitions. We picked up some awards and family and friends who once turned their nose up at our dodgy brews, were suddenly asking us how they could get their hands on more of our porters, IPAs and wheat beers.

It became obvious that between the four of us, we had the makings of a perfect brewing team. We simply couldn’t resist having a crack at sharing our brews with more people like you.

We are proud beer nerds and gypsy brewers, executing our recipes at different facilities around Melbourne and learning from some of the best in the business in the process. You won’t find us handing over the reins to anyone else on our brews, with all four of us excitedly gathering on brew day to catch the sweet, earthy smell of the malt hitting the mash tun and taking turns working the mash paddle. It’s our love of good quality craft beer that drives our hands on approach and we can’t wait for you to taste our beer.


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