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Our Beers

All of our delicious brews

Hair of the dog

5.8% XPA

Released: Nov 2015

Extra hoppy, extra pale and extra dry.

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An Ode To Agent Cooper

5.7% Cherry Coffee Porter

Released: Nov 2017

​Dark & Chocolatey with cherries & cold drip coffee

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Lactohop: Vic Secret

5% Kettle Soured Pale Ale

Released: Oct 2017

Tropical & tart with notes of citrus

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Released: Sep 2017

​Cloudy & juicy

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Van Damn

7% Belgian IPA

Released: Aug 2017

Belgian funk and a shit tonne of juicy Australian hops

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4% Dragonfruit Sour

Released: Jul 2017

​Dark, mysterious and sour.

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