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Bruce - hero image

Tasting Notes:

​Dark, mysterious and sour.

Released in:

Keg only release

STYLE Dragonfruit Sour

RANGE Specialty/Seasonal/Year Round

MALTPilsner, Wheat, Midnight Wheat, Brown Malt

YEASTBelle Saison




BATCH No.026

It’s like a roundhouse kick to the face. It gives all the answers without ever asking a question. It makes days feel like minutes and minutes feel like seconds. It’s none other than Bruce, a mighty dragonfruit dark sour beer that will test your very mettle with every sip.

Brewed in a four-way collaboration with Old Wives Ales, The Craft & Co., Froth Craft Beer Magazine, and the Brunswick Beer Collective, Bruce is a beer only for the worthy. Are you ready for Bruce?

Artwork by the legends at Pocketbeagles

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